Max mileage from a charge. Real world?

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Post by ComicGeek » Sat Jul 16, 2022 12:04 pm

80 with heat pump - I've just done 270 miles on a single trip, still had 40 miles range left. That was with a full car of people and luggage, mainly motorways at 70ish, 30 degrees heat and as much air con as I could get! I was really impressed with that, seeing as the better route planner app was trying to constantly get me to stop to charge.

I have been getting about 340 miles on local journeys, but was really pleased with the motorway range. Especially as all our charging has been free here.

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Post by Dorsetandy » Sun Jul 17, 2022 3:31 pm

Recently completed a1200 mile road trip from Dorset to Northumberland and back via Lancashire in just over a week. My initial 400 mile journey returned 3.7kWh (approx 214 miles in an iv60) mainly motorways averaging 65 mph. Local running increased mileage to over 4.0kWh and my return trip from Lancaster to Dorset of 266 miles average 4.1kWh giving a range of 237 miles. I learnt to reduce average speed to 60mph, coupled with extended 50 mph limits on the M6, rush hour traffic around Birmingham and a shorter mileage route on slower A roads.
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Post by RichR » Wed Jul 27, 2022 9:04 am

It's worth watching Bjorn Nyland's series of videos on the Enyaq vRS that he's put up this week. In particular the one where he goes for a 'Sunday drive' around Norway. ie sticking to speed limits, no unnecessary overtaking, just the sort of relaxed drive that you might do if going somewhere with no massive urgency. There's a mixture of motorway and rural roads, mountains and so on. No special concessions to saving power other than turning off the AC if the weather isn't too hot. He gets 575km (360 miles), so over the WLTP figure, and this is in the heavier, 4WD vRS version, so driving that way on a RWD 80 and away from mountains, could potentially get even more. The Enyaq (and ID.4/5) are proving to be very efficient cars, yet also being big and comfortable.

If you adjust your driving style to go a little slower and be more relaxed you can get more range and also arrive fresher and less stressed. Using things like Travel Assist and the automatic regen level can massively remove the workload, so you can kick back, stick the massage seat on (you did spec that right?) and listen to an audiobook or some music. :D

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Post by anotherjohn » Wed Jul 27, 2022 12:47 pm

Best I've seen (calculated from miles @ x% charge to 100%) is 220 on my 60. This is with the mode set to "eco" & "B" on the gearstick (when I remember - why can't it remember the mode setting - my Golf did) & the air con on.
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Post by foot tapper » Sun Jul 31, 2022 6:49 pm

Real world from an iv80 with heat pump?
We get 230 miles in winter and 280 miles in summer.
Lots of dual carriageway and motorway driving at 65mph results in these figures.

You will do better if you go slower or worse if you cruise at 70mph.

We recently drove to south west France.
At 81mph (130kph) we would have saved 15 minutes over driving at 65mph due to the extra charge time offsetting the fast cruising speed, so we went at 65mph.
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Post by Glen I » Sun Aug 14, 2022 7:30 am

I picked up my Iv60 on Tuesday no heat pump, first trip 200 miles from S. Yorkisire to Chessington world of adventure, which is mostly motorway driving. After a lot of planning, and I admit some anxiety about using public charging points, l planned a stop at Milton Keynes hub. Car charged at 100% and we set off, I held my speed at 65 mph and got to the charger with 53% charge. Put on charge using a BP charger and had a coffee. Back to the car 80% charge and a bill for £5, back on route and got to my destination with 57% charge total 200 miles. For the return journey, used the hotel charger pod point no cost 100% and this time did the journey without a charge. Got home with 20% and 58 miles of range left. Car data is indicating 4.2 miles KW, air con on during the trip. Well impressed, and a good first test that with a little planning the increasing number of charge points and a modified driving style, making long journeys in the enyaq even the IV 60 with its lower range is no problem.

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