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Post by BioHzrd » Fri Jun 17, 2022 2:01 pm

MarkSalmon wrote:
Fri Jun 17, 2022 11:30 am
I've had an on going issue with Skoda and my local dealer on this - the dealer admitted he had received other complaints - even from a guy with the matrix headlights and therefore double rear lights. Eventually, several months ago now, my dealer service manager agreed to champion this problem with Skoda on my behalf. Since then nothing. He even refuses to take my calls or call me back. What makes it worse is that my previous car, a VW Passat, had a camera that gave a brilliant view at night - as clear as day - which made reversing a doddle, so the technology exists within the group. Now, as others have suggested, we are in the habit of using the braking light to give a moderately useful view. The car is fantastic but on this issue Skoda's response has been pathetic.
My Karoq was the same brilliant image quality. My dealer just fobbed me off with I need to clean the lense blah blah....that's not the issue the issue is that the image quality at night is utter shit ! But Skoda nor a Dealer will ope my admit that it's a known issue that needs solving.

Big software update has mention of white balance fix but I doubt it'll improve it back to my Karoq standard bit that pisses me off the most is that it's not a standard bit of kit I actually had to pay extra for it FFS !
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Post by RallimG » Fri Jun 17, 2022 5:16 pm

I wonder if we can also blame this on the component shortage - the camera quality is worse than in other Skoda cars because the camera is worse - in other words the component shortage has meant they made a sourcing decision to utilise an alternative cheaper / lower quality camera. This tally's with the fact I've had to remove the parking plus option with the 360 cameras on my order.... I suppose if there is any truth in my wild hypothesis the Karoq etc may / would also have lower quality cameras fitted now.... or maybe not.... ;-)
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