Why should you not charge to 100% permanently?

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ricky10 wrote: Tue Jul 09, 2024 6:29 pm
Walter Eagle wrote: Mon Jul 08, 2024 4:23 pm
ricky10 wrote: Sat Jul 06, 2024 9:13 pm The more time battery stays at 100% charge the likely the damage is done to the battery.

Again it has nothing to do with safety.

Not sure how many times it takes for you to sink this in - SoC does not influence safety. If a battery decides yo go into a runaway chemical reaction low SoC will not stop it nor will high SoC encourage it. Just get that utter crap out of your mind and learn the truth about battery management instead of reading Red Top FUD
Er, yeah. My thoughts exactly. Maybe not my choice of words. But you got your point across!
I have not come across any mainstream media that reports EV in an unbiased way (anti EV bias) Any red tops always dramatise EV FUD.

The usual FUD a few years ago is battery degradation (as the result of crappy Nissan Leaf BMS) but then Tesla shown them to be complete FUD.

Recently it is charging infrastructure and how EV will cripple the national grid which are all again FUD. If everyone has EV and able to charge at home and have V2G capability, it will actually prove to save a significantly amount of infrastructural spend on the national grid.

Now the latest FUD is on depreciation and insurance cost.
Surely its only FUD if the reader accepts without consideration of the headline media and content? We're constantly bombarded with mis-information, selective extracts of formal reporting, click baiting and spun narratives.

The original post was asked in good faith.
No steers or direction have actually been offered.
We're not all scientists or academics but realise the truth might just be out there?

Why not cease shooting down the EV media ether and start pointing out the sign posts to help owners, perspective owners, interested parties to get educated and informed?

Thank you.
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I guess the question is do you need the extra 20%? What exactly do you gain?

For most folk, their daily routine means the car will use maybe 10,20,30% a day, and they can go quite a few days without plugging in at all. They'll run the car down to maybe 30 or 40% then plug it back in and fill it up. Even higher mileage drivers like myself, i charge daily, to 85%, and run it down to 40ish with my commute.

So why charge to 100%, when you know it WILL degrade the battery faster? It doesnt actually gain you anything for the vast majority of the time.

Your right enough, it will be a very small amount, but its a bit shitty to deliberately damage something needlessly knowing its not going to be your problem...

Now on the flipside, if you NEED the extra charge, such as going on a long trip, then by all means, charge to 100%. I did some long drives recently for my summer vacation, and the car was indeed charged to 100% and 90% at various points because it made the most use of the cars range on a longer trip.
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