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I have recently placed an order for an Enyaq 85 under the new Agency sales model.

On the day I was to sign the contract I noticed that the dealership had added a £99 dealer administration fee. This had not been mentioned or included in any numbers that I had been provided with prior to that point.

So, given that you can no longer negotiate discounts on the price of the car. It would appear that the On The Road price is now the MINIMUM price you will pay, subject to the whim of the dealership.

The salesperson was apologetic but unmoving. Rather than argue, I called Skoda UK and enquired whether they approved of dealerships inflating the prices of their products. A few hours later I was offered a revised contract with no admin fee.

Whilst the dealerships get used to the new way of working, my advice is:
1. Check your invoice thoroughly (goes without saying really for many reasons)
2. The price you see on Skoda's website should be the price you pay and Skoda UK will back you up if you ask nicely
Enyaq 85 Edition. Ordered 17/12/23. Delivered 17/1/24.

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