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So I bought my Enyaq VRs around 6 months ago. That was when it had been released 6 months so I’d say it’s been out approx 1 year and already they have done an update to the engine and other bits and bobs to make it more powerful and more eco. It will also now charge quicker. I’m gutted by this considering it’s only been out 1 year. Interesting read.

https://www.skoda.co.uk/news/details/mo ... -enyaq-vrs
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Theres always something better round the corner.

The new high torque motor seems to be getting added to all the 80 cars, with power bumps across the board, and those have been on the market since 2020, so despite the vrs being fairly new (here at least), the platform will be getting on for 3-4 years old?
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My car is also 6 months old so am in the same situation as you.
However the Enyaq itself has been around over 2 years now and technology evolves all the time so it is not that surprising.

We both still have the car we picked and I am happy with mine. I can’t think of any occasions when I have actually had access to and used full power as only charge over 80% before a trip away needing a recharge to get home when I drive very economically, and can get 4m per kWh instead of my normal 3.3 or so.

The performance even restricted as below 88% charge is more than adequate to me, this is the fastest accelerating car I have ever driven, let alone owned, and I may keep it for a long time.
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Yeah I suppose when you put it like that. I wonder if they will send an update to current VRs owners etc.
Skoda Enyaq IV Vrs with all the bits and bobs that come with the Vrs
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Well, there is always something better around the corner and that's why backward compatibility should be a property of the OS/Apps/Services here, and an ideal world you should have also hardware upgrade plans available, if necessary.
Backward compatibility cannot be never-ending but it's reasonable to be in place for a few years.
You get neither from Skoda/Cariad and almost-new cars are obsolete and likely depreciated, only a few months since delivery.
The car is not expected to stay at it is at the point of time of the delivery. That could have been true in the old world, when it was all about metal, paint and a few hundred SKUs in total. In car where software is a critical part of the entire system, sw+hw are expected to be updated and upgraded over time.
You buy a £200 mobile, you get easily 2-3 years of android os releases. You spend £50k on a VAG EV car, you get nothing.
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It’s the same with Tesla. Newer models will have hardware feature older cars can’t do. But least the OS is backwards compatible in Tesla case. VW not making ME4 backwards compatible seems stupid.
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VWG, BMW, Toyota etc are all still in a very different state to Tesla from a hardware architecture point of view. Tesla have 4 cars with fairly limited options to have hardware and software to design for and they dont cater massively to different markets too well. This hugely simplifies the quantity / location of the modules and means they dont have to keep changing to support new features, causing software incompatibilities that dont work with the previous arrangement.

Contrast this with VWG which has to cater for ICE/EV/Hybrid for all cars from VW-UP to Ultra luxury high specced Bentleys to ultra performance Lamborghini. Whilst different they will be as much push within the group to share as much hardware as possible. This causes huge complexities. For example..... top spec Bentleys have 30+speaker Audio systems which obviously can't be fit to a VW UP, but should it go on the base spec bentleys / high end Audi, or Porsche. If yes, then it could be carrying unnecessary hardware cost and if no then it causes software / architecture differences. VWG will be working to rationalise as much of this to a common core architecture as possible with additions etc that support certain features but again that's not easy... Should every VWG car carry hardware that is capable of being expanded to cover the top specs or would it make the car more expensive? If not, then it's a possible software / architecture split or fork that has to be handled.

This is a huge development task for VWG from a software point of view. Of course what they develop should work and issues should be fixed over the air which they seem to struggle with still.

Tesla will likely fall more into this problem over time when they have to start offering more features to stay competitive.

Your signature is "Skoda Enyaq IV Vrs with all the bits and bobs that come with the Vrs" I expect that some of these bits and bobs are features not even possible on Tesla Model Y... The downside to the choice of bits and bobs (across the group not just the Enyaq) for now is the lack of software that can be developed to be backward compatible.

They will be actively working to improve this with each new architecture but I doubt they will get to a level playing field with Tesla until past the EU ICE vehicle ban.

For me, I picked the car for the features it had the day I bought it - as long as nothing is taken away and when it works again I will be happy.
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But this is software and hardware regarding the MEB platform only, which VAG developed as a common, dedicated platform for their EV across brands: Skoda Enyaqs, VW IDs, Audi e-tron and Cupra Born only.
VW R&D has been a mess, Cariad, the group company responsible for software and services, is admittely a mess, and we are simply paying the price - literally - for that mess. As simple as that.
Remember when Grünitz said "We won’t bring a car to the road again like the Golf 8 or ID.3 with thousands of problems”? Guess what platform is the ID.3? We are driving those "thousands of problems"
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Not quite. MEB is the architecture for EV drivetrain side only - inverters, batteries, compressor, heat pump etc and yes this is focused on MEB only.

Not for audio systems, infotainment, seating, restraints, park sensors, steering wheel, antenna, telematics, tailgate modules, door modules etc.

Elements of this will be new but elements old. It’s this architecture I refer.
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We're in exactly the same position, although for our situation the car we bought (vRS Coupe) is still what we need. Most of the time it is driven in Eco or Normal mode, so the extra power, few miles range & DC charging speed are not a critical part of our usage. I agree with most reviewers, that the vRS isn't really a performance car; it's too heavy and ungainly, BUT it's an excellent all-rounder and there are lots of other EV's that I am glad we did not go for. Overall, very happy with it, and not upset by the recent developments for the next upgrade - they're always going to happen as technology improves - that;s just the way it is!
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