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Post by Aragorn »

Has anyone actually solved the knocking rear suspension issue that has been mentioned here a few times?

My cars had it since new, dealer looked at it when the car was a few months old and fobbed us off with the usual "they all do that sir" crap.

I sorta just learned to live with it, until i had the loaner 80x Sportline for a while when waiting on the battery recall.

Jumping from the 80x Sportline back into my car it was immediately noticable that there was something "odd" with the rear suspension, not only the excessive knocking, but also it was much stiffer or less compliant over sharp bumps than the Sportline had been, which ofcourse seems backwards... you'd expect the sportline to be worse. And yet i literally noticed it driving out of the dealership forecourt and cant stop noticing it since.

I've read elsewhere that some MEB cars had issues with rear dampers, and having felt the two cars back to back, i'm now seriously suspecting it is infact a damper issue. The car is perfectly composed over normal undulations, but any sharp suspension movement such as a pothole or broken tarmac is awful. Almost like the highspeed bypass is not working properly inside the damper.

I'm considering picking up a used pair of dampers from a breaker and just swapping them out as a fairly cheap DIY test, but before i do i'm wondering if anyone thats had this issue has had it fixed and if it was indeed dampers?
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Post by RichR »

It’s so weird, my car is of a similar age to yours yet has never had the issue. I’m sure when there was a discussion about this at some point before, we worked out that Sport suspension (either as an option, or standard on Sportline etc) don’t seem to be affected.
Which does lend some weight to your theory it’s damper related - as there are probably a few different types fitted.
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Post by alant »

You are not alone in having this knocking from the rear of your Enyaq. I have 60 first registered December 2021. From the beginning there was a knocking from the rear over small bumps and manhole covers. The dealer replaced the boot lid bump stops which made no difference. They said that because the car was so quiet I would hear every noise as I drove over any rough surfaces (usual reply it seems).

I persevered with the car until this winter when the knocking got even louder. Edinburgh roads are an absolute disgrace and are full of potholes and shoddy repairs. One particular road I drove on was so bad that it sounded like a machine gun going off in the back of the car the knocking was so bad. I booked the car into the dealer (West End Skoda) and they got there head mechanic to drive me round some rough roads. He agreed that there was something not right. They booked the car in for inspection of the rear suspension and the shock absorbers in particular. They reported that they had found that the shock absorbers had gone soft and replaced them.

The new shock absorbers initially seemed to cure the knocking, but during the last two weeks it has returned although not as loud as before. As a long since retired engineer this noise drives me nuts and spoils what is a very nice car.

If your dealer can pin down the fault I would like to hear about it. I’m sure Skoda must be aware of this problem.
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Post by Skoda44 »

I had a knock that appeared to come from the rear on a 2021 MY. The short version of the story was a failed ball joint on the front near side. The noise was being transmitted through the bodywork.
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Post by Aragorn »

Thanks for your feedback Alan, it does sound like we're heading along right right lines if the shock replacement seemed to work. That it recurred is not great, but perhaps that can be fixed by using a different brand of shock rather than the Skoda ones.

Skoda44: I've also heard of failing ARB bushes on the front which can cause knocking, but my feeling is this is definately from the rear. I will however have a look over the front parts too just to rule it out.
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Post by Aragorn »

Quick update... It worked :)

I ordered a pair of dampers from a breakers on ebay, they came from a 2023 car (i made sure to buy from a late model car, on the assumption that this issue mostly affected the early cars), an ID4 i think. The date of manufacture is printed on the damper data sticker. They came from somewhere in europe. It seems the same part numbers are used across multiple models (unsurprisingly). There was no Enyaq ones available but the same number was used on Q4 and ID4. Unlike buying new shocks, they came as a complete assembly with the dust boots, bump stops and top mounts all ready installed. Cost was £120 delivered.

Swapping them out was extremely quick. Probably 15-20minutes a side on my driveway, including jacking up the car and removing the wheel. Three bolts, all accessible from the wheel arch.

Interestingly enough, there was zero detectable difference between the old and new shocks off the car. They both felt pretty much identical cycling them by hand. No obvious outward signs of any issues either. However with the new ones installed, the noise has gone and the car is now quiet and smooth. Kinda annoyed i put it with it for 40 thousand miles... but at the same time, the dealer fobbed me off twice when the car was only a few months old and i couldnt keep playing ping pong with them. Paying the 120 for an immediate fix without having to faff about getting my car to the dealership and getting it back again afterwards was probably worthwhile.
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