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Post by TerryH »

Hi I have 2023 Enyaq 60.
I have a Garo charger at home which works perfectly. I have just installed a Zappi at another location. I have off-peak period 11pm to 7am ser for preferred time and sometimes I just charge now. On the Zappi the first time I tried at 4pm it was fine giving 7kws. Next time was 11.30 pm charge now it gave 1.9. I have done various experiments it always charges 7kw in afternoon but always charges at 1.9 at night. I set it at 11 pm last night overnight 12kw whole night 30 miles .not enough to get me home😭 I stopped it from The Zappi app and restarted in fast 1.2 still. I have disconnected charger and started again still 1.2 . I have had various phone calls with Zappi who because the MWP was 53% insist it is the car. Skoda have checked the settings and say they are correct. Zappi have now agreed to replace but I am scared that it will be the same. Any one else had similar? Terry

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Post by Ouvavou »

I have a Zappi and it normally works fine but - few nights ago I had a similar issue - when my octopus intelligent schedule kicked it it was only charging at 1.4kw. I was watching because I thought it hadn’t charged the night before but after seeing this I assume it had just charged at the minimum.

After first unplugging and pegging in the enyaq, which didn’t work, I powered down and up the Zappi from the consumer unit but it carried on charging at the minimum rate. I tried starting the car, whilst unplugged, and then plugging it in but I don’t recall that helping either. In the end i unplugged the cable from the Zappi and the car and then plugged in both ends again and I think that’s when the charging returned to 7kw. It was very odd and it may have been a combo of all of the things that I tried ultimately cleared the issue.

I used to charge at night on octopus go with the eco plus setting and a schedule covering the 0030 - 0430 cheap rate. Now that I’m on octopus intelligent go the Zappi stays in fast mode with octopus doing the scheduling.
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Post by chorlton-sam »

Not able to help with your problem but when I'm on OI, I've only ever been on Eco+ (it defaults to this). MyEnergi states 'waiting for surge', and the Octopus manages the schedule.
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Post by Aragorn »

I do feel these smart chargers are often more hassle than they're worth, and most of the features are somewhat pointless.

Turn off all the timers and stuff on the charger, set it to permenant full power mode. Then set the timer in the car and see what happens.
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Post by Panagon »

I have found a solution, but it is a pain. Switch the zappi to eco (while its charging) this will drop the rate to 1.2kw plus what ever solar is giving. Once that happens switch back to fast. This forces the zappi and car to renegotiate the speed. Mine always results in 7kw.
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I have just had the last night.. Enyaq and Zappi also…

Previously the charger did scheduling and car was on charge immediately- this worked fine with never an issue.

Last night I thought I would try fast mode on charger and charge for departure time + climate on car - car started at the point I would expect if charging at 7KW but only charged at 1.2-1.6KW.

Is this zappi or Enyaq issue…
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